Talking With the Animals
with Karen Nowak


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PRESENTING—Karen Nowak—Animal Communicator—par excellence

There's more than meets the eye involving the relationship between humans and their animal friends and companion. there's indeed a complex -- and vitally important relationship at play. As in all relationships, to understand what's going on -- and why, means a potentially wonderful growth experience is in the process.

Karen has helped Susan and Milt Sanderford numerous times with their personal companions as well as the neglected animals of San Luis, Colorado with whom they help each day in their work at Casa de Santa Maria -- helping them to understand why the animal has chosen their experience. Then helping us—and dog—to shift perspectives to find balance in what they are experiencing. Their connections with the animals through Karen has been life-changing.

It is Karen's intention with her work to bring balance and harmony to the whole being, which includes the relationship between human and animal. Working hands-on or from a distance, Karen strives to help each being attain levels of release, comfort, and recovery that are for the highest good of all concerned.

Karen is a certified Master and Teacher in Usui Reiki, Seichem, and Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing. She has developed her own style of healing/communicating. She is the developer of the "Ride Your Dark Horse "Light" program and The Shift of The Ages, a year long celebration of the arrival of a new way of living and being ushered in on the winter solstice 2012.

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