Meeting Your Higher Self Through the Portal of Your Soul
with Wendy Byrd Smith

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to connect with your Soul Self, your Divine Self, your infinite Higher Self who is the CEO of your soul? Wendy Byrd Smith—The Soul Painter knows! Join us for a great conversation with Wendy as she shares her story of awakening to her Higher Self—how that changed her life, and the mission she has embarked upon in helping others to connect with their Soul-Self. Learn steps you can take to find your Divine Self and follow that "still small voice" that resides within you.

Wendy has an amazing gift to be able see your soul and then express that vision on canvas. Imagine the powerful effect of seeing a visually stunning full-color portrait of your Soul! Wendy's portraits are like a powerful gateway to help you connect on a deeper level with your own personal Divine Self, and the inner wisdom that can lead you to fulfill your life's purpose and mission here on planet earth.

Wendy lives outside of beautiful Sedona, Arizona, in a lush green belt along Oak Creek river. She is a passionate organic gardener, dedicated to her husband, Scott, their two dogs, and a tribe of feral cats. Wendy is also passionate about mentoring other artists and inspiring them to let go.

To view more of Wendy's amazing soul portraits visit her website: